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3. Side Panel
Chapter IV. The user interface

3. Side Panel

To the left of the editor area is the side panel. If you would prefer that the side bar be on the right side, simply change the setting in the User Interface tab found in the Edit → Preferences menu option. The side panel consists of a file browser, a function reference browser, and a bookmark browser, accessible by clicking on the corresponding sidebar notebook tab.

Man1 notebook tab.png

Figure IV.7. Bluefish Sidebar Notebook Tab

You may also customize the location of the sidebar notebook tab via User Interface tab found in the Edit → Preferences menu option.

The file browser provides quick access to files and directories.

Man1 file browser.png

Figure IV.8. Bluefish File Browser

The function reference browser references CSS2, HTML, PHP, and Python functions with their syntax. Some of them provide dialogs to help you inserting them.

Man1 function reference browser.png

Figure IV.9. Bluefish Function Reference Browser

The bookmark browser provides access to previously marked positions in a file.

Man1 bookmark browser.png

Figure IV.10. Bluefish Bookmark Browser

2. Menus and Tool Bars
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 4. Status Bar