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Bluefish: The Definitive Guide
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Bluefish: The Definitive Guide

User's, Developer's, and Documentarian's Guide for Bluefish version 1.0.6

Daniel Blair

Michèle Garoche

Anita Lewis

Alastair Porter

Denny Reeh

Olivier Sessink

Scott White

Logo art : Dave Lyon

Revision History
Revision 1.6 26/09/2006
Changed to DocBook XSL style sheets 1.71.0. Adding parts and splitting chapters. Improved stylesheets. Adding contents to reference. Adding shortcuts. Update for bluefish version 1.0.6.

Revision 1.5 26/03/2006
Update for bluefish version 1.0.5.
Revision 1.4 15/12/2005
Changed to DocBook XSL style sheets 1.69.1. Improved pdf stylesheets.

Revision 1.3 30/05/2005
Update for bluefish version 1.0.1.
Revision 1.2 13/04/2005
Changed to DocBook 4.4 and DocBook XSL style sheets 1.68.1. Improved css stylesheets. Added contents to Customizing Bluefish.
Revision 1.1 03/02/2005
Added sections to Working with files and folders. Added examples to Custom Menu, External programs and filters. Added sections to Customizing Bluefish.
Revision 1.0 10/01/2005
Initial release for bluefish version 1.0
Copyright © 2004-2006 The Bluefish Project Team
September, 27th 2006
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