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2. Menus and Tool Bars
Chapter IV. The user interface

2. Menus and Tool Bars

The top of the Bluefish interface consists of a menu, a main tool bar, an HTML tool bar, and a Custom menu.

Man1 main menu.png

Figure IV.3. Bluefish Main Menu

The main tool bar gives you quick access to the basic functionalities of a text editor.

Man1 main toolbar.png

Figure IV.4. Bluefish Main Tool Bar

The HTML tool bar provides access to the most commonly used HTML functionalities.

Man1 html toolbar.png

Figure IV.5. Bluefish HTML Tool Bar

The custom tool bar provides access to languages and replacement functions. It is fully customizable through the preferences panel.

Man1 custom toolbar.png

Figure IV.6. Bluefish Custom Tool Bar

Chapter IV. The user interface
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 3. Side Panel