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Chapter IV. The user interface
Part 2. Using Bluefish

Chapter IV. The user interface

Here are the main elements of the user interface.

1. Editing Area

The biggest part of the user interface is the editor area. Because Bluefish has a so-called “Multiple Document Interface”, there are actually many editor areas in Bluefish, accessible via the tabs. By default the tabs are on the bottom.

Man1 editor array.png

Figure IV.1. Bluefish Editor Array

Notice that the current document's tab may be raised by the Gtk theme, and if the document has been modified, its name on the tab is coloured in red. The changes are also noted with red on the open document list, accessible by right-clicking on the tab.

Man1 opendocument list.png

Figure IV.2. List of open Documents

2. Command line options
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 2. Menus and Tool Bars