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7. Changing the author meta tag on the fly
Chapter VIII. Customising Bluefish

7. Changing the author meta tag on the fly

One interesting feature in the HTML tab of the Edit preferences panel is that you can let bluefish update the author meta tag on save.

Let's say you created an html file with an author meta tag while you were logged in as user foo. On save bluefish will fill up the contents attribute of the author meta tag with the full name associated with the foo user:

Man1 author meta name1.png

Figure VIII.7. The Author Meta Tag filled in on Save

You share this html file with another user bar or you change the owner of the file to bar. When you modify the html file while logged in as user bar, the author meta tag is updated to reflect the new author on save, providing that the user bar has write permission on the file:

Man1 author meta name2.png

Figure VIII.8. Update of the Author Meta Tag on Save

Man1 warning.png If you do not want that the author meta tag be changed while editing the file under another user's login, uncheck the box.

6. Customizing the html tags style
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 8. Customizing files handling and browsing