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6. Customizing the Quick bar
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Chapter VII. More than a Text Editor

6. Customizing the Quick bar

The Quick bar is a user defined tool bar. All HTML tool bar buttons can be added to the Quick bar by simply right-clicking the button and selecting Add to quickbar.

Figure VII.17. Adding an Element to the Quick Bar

And automagically you will see the element in the Quick bar:

Figure VII.18. The added Element in the Quick Bar

Note that you cannot add a pop up menu. Thus, if the item you want to add is inside a pop up menu (as is the code tag located in the Context formatting pop up menu of the Fonts tool bar), you have to first click on the pop up menu to display its contents, then to right click on the desired element to insert it in the Quick bar.

Figure VII.19. Adding a Pop Up Menu Element to the Quick Bar

If you want to remove items from the Quick bar, right-click them and select Remove from Quick bar.

Figure VII.20. Removing an Element from the Quick Bar

You can also change the location of an element in the Quick bar. To do so, right-click the element and select Shift left or Shift Right as desired. The element will be moved to the left or to the right of its neighborough. Notice that this is not a drag and drop action; you may have to repeat the process if you want to move the element farther.

Figure VII.21. Moving an Element within the Quick Bar

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