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4. Function reference
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Chapter VII. More than a Text Editor

4. Function reference

The function reference browser contains reference information for different programming and markup languages. Currently, Bluefish comes with a PHP reference, a CSS 2.0 reference, an HTML reference, and a Python reference. The functions are grouped, depending on the language, by type, module, object, etc.

The function reference browser will display an info window on the bottom by checking the Show info window check box. In this window, information about the currently selected item is shown. The type of information shown can be configured in the right-click context menu (see Info Type later in this text).

In the reference browser's contextual menu, you can simply insert the text for the selected item by choosing Insert. Or, you can get a little help using Dialog, which launches a dialog window containing fields for the currently selected item's attributes or parameters. For a summary of an item's usage, choose Info. The contextual menu is also accessible on a group of functions and at the top level of a reference.

Figure VII.3. The Reference Browser Contextual Menu

The Options menu accessible via the contextual menu offers three actions:

Figure VII.4. The Reference Browser Options Menu

  • Rescan reference files in case you have customized one of them, so that the new items be available.
  • Left doubleclick action, which can be:
    • Insert to insert the function in the document for latter parametrizing if needed
    • Dialog to insert the function in the document while filling in the parameters in a dialog window:

      Figure VII.5. A Function Reference Dialog Window
    • Info to display a window with all available info about the function:

      Figure VII.6. Info available for a Function
  • Info Type: this is where you can customize what appears in the info window. It can be:
    • the function Description (this is the default)
    • the Attributes/Parameters of the function
    • some Notes about the function

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