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Chapter VI. Navigation and Managing documents
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Part 2. Using Bluefish

Chapter VI. Navigation and Managing documents

1. Navigating through a document

The editing area is a standard GTK editing area. This means there are many keyboard shortcuts available to navigate through the text.

  • Ctrl+Right-Arrow will jump to the next word boundary
  • Ctrl+Left-Arrow will jump to the previous word boundary
  • End will jump to the end of line
  • Home will jump to the beginning of the line
  • Page-Up will jump one page up
  • Page-Down will jump one page down
  • Ctrl+Home will jump to the top of the document
  • Ctrl+End will jump to the end of the document

These shortcuts are also available when selecting text. Some examples:

  • To select the current line, press Home, hold Shift and press End.
  • To select the current word, press Ctrl+Left-Arrow, hold Shift and press Ctrl+Right-Arrow.

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 2. Navigating through many documents