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7. Closing files
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Chapter V. Working with files and folders

7. Closing files

When you want to close a file quickly, click on the close icon in the document tab. You may also use the Close icon in the main tool bar, or the File → Close (Ctrl+W) menu item.

Figure V.13. Closing a File with the Document Tab Icon

If the file is unchanged, it is merely closed. If the file has been modified, you will be presented with a save dialog.

Figure V.14. Closing a modified File

Use it to save and close a file in one step.

When dealing with multiple files, you may want to use the File → Close All (Shift+Ctrl+W) menu item.

For each modified file, you will be presented with a save dialog, where you can choose to save the changes, close the file (i.e. discarding any change), or cancel the operation.

Figure V.15. Closing all Files

Say you have a number of open files, and only a few of them have been changed. To quickly close the unchanged files, and remain with the modified ones, use it answering cancel for the latter ones.

Note that the File → Close Window menu item offers the same behaviour.

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