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7. Closing files
Chapter V. Working with files and folders

7. Closing files

When you want to close a file quickly, click on the close icon in the document tab. You may also use the Close icon in the main tool bar, or the File → Close (Ctrl+W) menu item.

Man1 closing file with tab icon.png

Figure V.13. Closing a File with the Document Tab Icon

If the file is unchanged, it is merely closed. If the file has been modified, you will be presented with a save dialog.

Man1 closing a file.png

Figure V.14. Closing a modified File

Man1 tip.png Use it to save and close a file in one step.

When dealing with multiple files, you may want to use the File → Close All (Shift+Ctrl+W) menu item.

For each modified file, you will be presented with a save dialog, where you can choose to save the changes, close the file (i.e. discarding any change), or cancel the operation.

Man1 closing all files.png

Figure V.15. Closing all Files

Man1 tip.png Say you have a number of open files, and only a few of them have been changed. To quickly close the unchanged files, and remain with the modified ones, use it answering cancel for the latter ones.

Note that the File → Close Window menu item offers the same behaviour.

6. Deleting files
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 8. Inserting files