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Chapter III. Starting Bluefish
Part 2. Using Bluefish

Chapter III. Starting Bluefish

Here are the various ways of starting Bluefish.

1. Launching Bluefish

In GNOME, Bluefish can be started from the Applications/Programming menu. From a terminal, simply launch bluefish using the command bluefish.

Man1 note.png In GNOME, bluefish is launched conforming to the system language. If you want to launch it with another language, first rename the directory $HOME/.bluefish to $HOME/.bluefish-xx, where xx is the previous language. This way you will retrieve your previous settings easily.

Then use this command in a terminal: export LANGUAGE=fr_FR; export LANG=fr_FR; export LC_ALL=fr_FR; bluefish & if you use a bash-like shell.

For French users, if you want to get the custom menu in French language, launch it with the same command as above. If you run bluefish in GNOME, launch it with this command the first time after installation, thereafter you may launch it via the Applications/Programming menu.

Part 2. Using Bluefish
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 2. Command line options