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Appendix B. Bluefish change history

Appendix B. Bluefish change history

Release-Changelog for the current 1.0.x series:

Revision History
Revision 1.0.6 2006-09-26 oli4, jimh6583, dleidert, michga
* Updated translations: Finnish, French, German, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Swedish.
  • Configure: fixes host recognition for new Mac Intel.
  • Custom menu: fixes a typo in docbook informal table rowsep, adds distinct tags for XML and SGML images and links.
  • Data filetypes: adds the .pm extension for Perl files. Closes Bluefish bug #343569.
  • Highlighting: small fix to XML highlighting (adding general support for namespaces). Highlight numbers in Java.
  • Man-pages: fixes distclean target.
  • Adds XTHTM 1.1 DOCTYPE in creators. Closes Bluefish bug #338586.
  • Fixes the recognition of GNOME_VFS >= 2.6.
  • Fixes a bug where the Bluefish icon was not displayed if the splash screen was disabled.
  • Fixes a bug in smart cursor positioning.
  • Fixes a bug where the old file was deleted before the new file was saved successfully.
  • Removes redundant show hidden checkbox from file chooser dialog. Closes Bluefish bug #316298.
  • Fixes Definition list formatting.
  • Fixes a bug where icons were missing in open/save dialogs. Closes Bluefish bug #323634.
  • Fixes a bug where the backup file was not deleted after renaming it. Closes Bluefish bug #324788.
  • Fixes a critical bug where Bluefish crashed when closing and saving a project. Closes Bluefish bug #330544.
  • Fixes a bug where backup project file was not deleted when closing a project. Closes Bluefish bug #330575.
  • Fixes a bug where savedir was not initialized correctly when creating a new project on a remote server. Closes Bluefish bug #330781.
  • Fixes a bug where syntax highlighting was not refreshed after executing an external command. Closes Bluefish bug #337564.
  • Fixes a critical bug where Bluefish crashed when pressing the Esc key in the Search:no match found dialog. Closes Bluefish bug #337739.
  • Fixes a bug where undoing did not behave correctly for text pasted from the clipboard over other text. Closes Bluefish bug #340262.
  • Fixes a critical bug where undoing after inserting a file into an unsaved file lead to loss of data. Closes Bluefish bug #344698.
  • Fixes a bug in python syntax highlighting. Closes Bluefish bug #349662.
  • Fixes a critical bug where Bluefish crashed when pressing the green info dialog button. Closes Bluefish bug #349743 and Ubuntu bug #55256.
  • Fixes a critical bug where Bluefish used a high CPU load when searching for empty lines with Perl regexp syntax. Closes Bluefish bug #350721.
  • Fixes a critical bug where Bluefish crashed when performing search with bookmark on unsaved document. Closes Bluefish bug #350754.
  • Fixes a bug in syntax highlighting where escaped quotes were not highlighted correctly. Closes Bluefish Bug #352701.
  • Fixes a critical bug in the replace dialog which caused data corruption when replacing text in "all open files" with files that contained UTF-8 characters. Closes Bluefish Bug #352762.
  • Fixes a bug where clicking in folder browser did not draw new selection bar until a file from that folder was loaded. Closes Ubuntu bug #45927.

Revision 1.0.5 2006-02-04 oli4, jimh6583, dleidert
* New translations: Basque, Slovak.

Revision 1.0.4 2005-08-28 oli4, jimh6583, dleidert
* Translation updates: Spanish, Japanese.
  • Highlighting fixes to HTML, PHP highlighting patterns.
  • Fix a compile issue when compiling without GnomeVFS support. Closes Bluefish bug #314174.
  • Update bluefish.desktop to current standards.
  • Fix a bug in the highlighting engine that incorrectly matched multi byte characters.

Revision 1.0.3 2005-08-16 oli4, jimh6583, dleidert
* Translation updates: Danish, German, Italian, Japanese, Chinese.
  • Patch from Eduard Carreras i Nadal: Single-line selected text becomes the search-string in the Find/Replace dialogs.
  • Add an option to disable the Quickbar Tip dialog. Closes Bluefish bug #309401] and Debian bug #249639.
  • After inserting a text block from the custom menu, Bluefish should scroll the editor window to make cursor visible. Closes Bluefish bug #310531.
  • Formatstring before/after in custom menu editor does not follow cursor. Closes Bluefish bug #310534.
  • Highlighting fixes to C, Python highlighting patterns. Closes Bluefish bug #312537.
  • Fix a bug where the user was not prompted to overwrite an existing file on a remote file sytem.
  • Misc custom menu fixes.
  • GUI improvements to the custom menu dialogs.
  • Extend e-mail dialog: Add CC and BCC fields. Subject and body are now automatically URL-encoded.
  • Extend time insert dialog: Add possibility to insert ISO8601 date/time as recommended by the W3C for the date meta tag. Rewrite a part of the auto-update of meta tags. User can now choose, which meta tags should be updated. Add possibility to auto-update the date meta tag. Partially fixes Bluefish bug #309402. Closes Debian bug #185158.
  • Clean up translatable strings. Fix a few menu entries.
  • Set an empty title in message dialogs as described in the GNOME HIG.
  • Add an option to the QuickStart dialog that allows the user to specify whether a new document should be opened.
  • Misc small bug fixes and improvements (refer to ChangeLog).

Revision 1.0.2 2005-07-03 oli4, jimh6583, dleidert
* Added ability to remove multiple meta tags in Quickstart dialog.
  • Updated Debian packaging files (standards version and build-dependencies).
  • Updated config scripts.
  • Updated for traditional Chinese translation.
  • Fixed Ctrl-Z/undo bug.
  • Fixed outdated configure script and aspell detection.
  • Fixed format specification bug in Bulgarian translation. Closes Debian bug #308849.
  • Fixed translation bugs and typos in German translation. Closes Debian bug #313674.

Revision 1.0.1 2005-06-13 oli4, jimh6583, dleidert
* New QuickStart dialog.
  • Spaces not being used to instead of tabs.
  • Updated Debian packaging files (build-depends).
  • Updated and improved spell checking.
  • Updated and improved highlighting patterns.
  • Fixed custom menu.
  • Fixed bookmarks handling.
  • Fixed missing CSS dialog properties.
  • Fixed improperly opened color dialog when opening the CSS dialog.
  • Fixed project dialog segmentation fault when clicking the “Browse” button. Closes Debian bug #295536.
  • Fixed not retained “View” menu item settings after closing/restarting.
  • Fixed several build issues (debugging output, configure, ...)

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