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second try native mac bundle[edit]

16 March 2010

Towards 2.0.1[edit]

12 March 2010

  • column indicator (a vertical line at e.g. 80 characters) -> done
  • template manager (that support multiple templates, and a project just sets the default one) -> 90% done
  • improved spell check (such as add your own words to the dictionary) -> done
  • experimental native MAC OSX build with OSX integration -> 50% done
  • improved windows installer for normal and system wide installs -> status unknown
  • remove libpcre dependency -> done


native compiling on OSX[edit]

Sun, 07 Mar 2010 22:12 Olivier Sessink wrote:
Hi all, I've managed to create a native (no X11) version of bluefish…

Building a native (no X11) MacOSX binary