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The project roadmap outlines the future goals and milestones of the bluefish project.


  • faster syntax scanning after small changes to the text
  • fix for a bug in search and replace where nothing was replaced
  • much faster file pane with less memory usage, with various fixes and new features such as filenames from documents that are opened shown in bold
  • storing the active document and active line numbers in projects
  • much better javascript syntax highlighting and auto-completion, and adding jquery
  • syntax highlighting and auto-completion improvements for most supported languages
  • html code in php now defaults to html5
  • add appdata file
  • make the html plugin aware if the current syntax is html, html5 or xhtml
  • improve smart indenting
  • improve indenting in auto-completion code
  • replace jsmin with a version with a true open source licence
  • improve wrap text on right margin
  • fix split lines feature
  • fix several hard-to-reproduce crashes
  • better recovery after a kill or crash
  • improve paste special
  • improve bookmark functionality
  • OSX Native input methods now are supported (Japanese, Chinese, etc.)
  • Mac Retina displays are now supported.
  • OSX system hotkeys are working.
  • OSX Widget bindings on MacOSX are moved to Cmd+C|V|X|A and working
  • OSX opening files from the finder is now supported
  • OSX Mavericks support


  • fix critical bug (segfault) in filebrowser that could be triggered if the root was set as basedir
  • enable development define only if compiled from svn, not if compiled from tarball
  • various language file improvements, most of them in C, Javascript and CSS
  • fix a specific CSS-in-HTML-tag highlighting issue
  • Arabic translation added, Polish and Chinese translation updated
  • fix a corner case for a new document from a template that does not exist
  • the "open" submenu now opens SVG files from the filebrowser instead of inserting an image tag
  • fix segfault in filter code if the command does not exist
  • update cssmin and jsbeatify
  • fix a syntax scanning issue when replacing large chunks of text
  • fix the "Report bug" link
  • add a new "conditional" option to the language file that makes re-using certain blocks of language files easier
  • imporove error reporting in outputbox
  • OSX: fix filebrowser icons
  • OSX: fix "open file" dialog size
  • Windows: open in running process is finally supported on windows


  • fix rare crashes in the autocompletion, the filebrowser, the htmlbar plugin preferences, and in file-load-cancel
  • fix a rare case of broken syntax highlighting after multiple search/replace actions
  • better error/warning output when parsing language files
  • fix javascript regex syntax highlighting
  • improve loading of files with corrupt encoding (partially loading into read-only file)
  • improve project loading over sftp
  • HTML5 tags now supported in Generic HTML, PHP, CFML, etc.
  • fix UTF-16 loading/saving
  • improved css, html and pascal/delphi language file
  • improve autocompletion for html tags
  • OSX: changed the keys for tab switching such that they no longer confict with some keyboard layouts
  • OSX: improve behavior at shutdown
  • improve upload/download to ignore backup files
  • fix number of results in search and replace on files on disk
  • better fallback when loading files with a corrupt encoding
  • improve home/end keys on wrapped text

beyond 2.2.7

  • make language options translatable
  • better error/warning output when parsing language files
  • remove synchronous calls from blocking code-paths in the filebrowser code
  • implement some sort of highlighting color theme so bluefish is also usable on dark themes without changing each and every color manually
  • better mimetype / syntax linking GUI, like the GUI proposed for win32
  • margin settings for printing
  • allow folding blocks in the print output
  • show color, when mouse over an color code (#000000)
  • option for snippet to open the color dialog
  • show search results in a list at left side
  • create a feature to change a tag to a different tag, and obviously also change the corresponding end-tag to that new value

beyond our planning horizon

  • clipboard history
  • undo redo browser

some ideas:

  • completion of words in current document
  • storing undo/redo information in the project file