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Bluefish 1.3 features

Bluefish 1.3 (the development version) mostly has the same features with some notable exceptions or additions:

  • In-line spell checker which is programing language aware (spell check comments and strings, but not code), requires libenchant during compilation.
  • Code block folding
  • Highlighting matching block start and end markers (both brackets and tags)
  • Auto-completion for many programming languages, and even for nested languages (e.g. css inside html)
  • Auto-recovery of changes in modified documents after a crash, kill or shutdown
  • Character map of all unicode characters (requires libgucharmap during compilation)
  • Upload / download synchronisation
  • Full screen editing
  • In-line reference information (move your mouse over a function name or tag name) for various programming languages
  • Many new tools (tabs to spaces, join lines, etc. etc.)

Bluefish 2.0 new features

  • Right margin
  • Templates function (XHTML 1.0, HTML 5, C Header, C Header GPL and PHP
  • Tab key indent a block, tab / shift tab for indent/unindent
  • toggle bookmark on doubleclick (to add to Man 2 ch06s04)


Bluefih can Highlight the syntax of a lot of languages, 22 actually:
Ada, ASP-VBScript, ASP, C, C++, CSS, D, HTML, Java, JavaScript, JSP, NSIS, Perl, PHP, gettext PO, Python, Ruby, Shell, Smarty, VBScript, XHTML, XML.

Enable/disable scanner

Use Document > Highligt Syntax.

Edit preferences

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Edit preferences Generic HTML Textstyle


A lot of informations are available in these two files in bluefish/data/bflang/ :
bflang2.bflang2 sample.bflang2

In Bluefish 2 Custom menu is replaced by Snippets in left panel.
Bluefish_2 become without any snippets, you have to import or create them.

Man2 note.png To import your Bluefish_1 Custom menu in snippets you can use Olivier's python script
  • put in ~/.bluefish/ directory
  • make the script executable: chmod a+x and run the script.

Editing Snippets