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Features added to Bluefish since v0.9 (Feb 17th 2003)

Note: This is current CVS... this list may change any time, but does mostly consist of features that are quite usable, or even finished..

  • *Function reference:* An XML-based function reference has been added. Currently, HTML and PHP is supported, with more topics (GTK, Perl) incoming (please contribute :-). Since this is XML-based, it's fairly easy to add own frefs. I.e., we are currently re-documenting the Bluefish source to create a fref for it.
  • *New search/replace dialog*
  • *Open Advanced dialog:* Want to open all files containing text satisfying a regular expression? Recursively? Only specified filename/type?
  • *Block indenting*
  • *Gui beautification:* Gnome Hig-dialogs, mnemonics, plain beautification work
  • *Progress bar:* Currently only used when loading a lot (>8) of files.
  • *File loading speed tweaks:* Reported to really speed up loading of large amounts of files.
  • Redesigned custom menu editor
  • ... tons and tons of gui-flaws, memleaks and segfaults have been debugged with extreme prejudice.

Size of diff between v0.9 and current CVS, as of June 15th: (src/ dir only) 8322 lines, counting a total of 320kB

Grab the current CVS, it's worth it.

For a more complete list of changes, try this: (after checking out the latest CVS)

  1. Check out the latest CVS (See Bluefish webpage for howto).
  2. cd to the bluefish-gtk2 dir.
  3. Run cvs -z3 -q log -d\">2003-02-17\" | less

This will show a complete list of CVS commits since Feb 17th. :-)

More info on incoming features is at ProjectRoadMap. Also, have a look at FeatureRequests and ToDoList.