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For the Manual

The manual is located in the bluefish-doc/ directory of the CVS tree. It is written in Docbook format.

It is currently being maintained by Michèle Garoche. So please E-Mail the bluefish mailing list for anything that you would like added to the manual, or anything you see that needs to be added/changed. If you implement a new feature, it would be nice for you to roughly document the feature so it can be properly included in the manual without having to \"play with it\" to get an accurate entry added to the manual. Please include things such as:

  1. How the feature works
  2. Things to note while using the feature
  3. What parameters/fields are used in the feature, and what the mean/how they effect the feature's output.
  4. What the feature's purpose/use is, and when to use another feature instead of this new feature (different circumstances, etc.).

For further information about the manual guidelines, see the manual.