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About me[edit]

I am a German citizen, already retired, I love solving puzzles and hence programming. About 24 years ago I started a web page which I needed to mace dynamic. PHP was the only choice available, hence I learned PHP and went on, using Quanta+ at that time as editor. However, about 10 years ago Quanta+ was abandoned (actually, it was supposed to be taken over by kdevelop, if I recall correctly, but that never materialized properly), and I was since then in search for a new editor. I continued to use Quanta+, which was depending on KDE3, in a virtual machine, while my KDE desktop moved on to version 4 and then 5. in about 2020 or so I decided that I needed to find another editor, and found Bluefish, which did very much the thing I needed it for. Hence I am using it and want to help others to use it. I realize that there is some kind of stagnation in the development, or it's going slow, but that is ok for me. Maybe I will be able to help sort out some issues in due time. For now, I am helping with the Wiki and hope it becomes helpful again to many.