Typing Japanese under MacOS X

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  • Prerequisites
# Install canna with fink install canna
# Install kinput2 with fink install kinput2
  • Options
You may have trouble with some utf-8 encoding.
In this case install fix-apple-x11 with fink install fix-apple-x11
  • Temporary set up
# Launch X11
# Open an xterm and type in it:
 export LANGja_JP.UTF-8; export XMODIFIERS\"@im=kinput2\";
# Launch kinput2 with kinput2 &
# Launch bluefish with bluefish &
  • Usage
Once in bluefish, use shift-space to activate the Xinput method.
You should see a small window with a Japanese glyph at the left corner of the bluefish window.
Enter the letters which compose the desired glyph, then press the space key, then hit enter to validate.
The gliph will be shown.
Exemple: enter haruha, then press space, then hit enter.
  • Troubleshooting
You may want to be sure that some environment variables are not in the way.
To do this, use printenv
If you see LC_ALL, LC_MESSAGES, LC_CTYPE set, you have to deactivate them.
To do this, type in the xterm, before launching xinput2:
unset LC_ALL; unset LC_MESSAGES; unset LC_CTYPE;