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These are reproducable serious bugs in the current CVS version

There should be only bugs in here that are not so obvious, or very hard to track, so we can gather information about these bugs. Ordinary bugs should go in ToDo List. Known bugs can further be found at:

The drag and drop bug

The bug is that you try to drag and drop the bb in aabbcc to the end of the string, but you end up with aabbccbb instead of aaccbb

Olivier can reproduce it on an old Debian Unstable with libgtk-2.2.1 also with gedit* Olivier cannot* reproduce it on an old Debian testing libgtk-2.0.6

  • Alastair can reproduce this on Redhat 8.0 gtk2-2.2.2-1
  • Michèle can reproduce this on MacOS 10.2.6 with gtk+2.2.1

Olivier can reproduce this on a more updated Debian unstable with libgtk-2.2.2 also with gedit*

so it seems to be a gtk2.2 bug, and not Bluefish related

A segfault in the highlighting

The bug is that you copy the following code into a file, open it, and try to add some newlines in the multiline string:

<verbatim> <?php

if(isset($_SESSION['client_root_path']))==== { require('header.php');

echo \"

File Upload Area

Steps To Upload A File:
1. <form actionfile_upload2.php methodpost enctype=multipart/form-data> <input typefile nameclient_file>
<input typesubmit valueUpload></form> \";

require('footer.php'); } ?> </verbatim>

  • Olivier can reproduce this on an old Debian Unstable box with libgtk-2.2.1
    • Olivier *cannot* reproduce this with a recent Debian Unstable box with libgtk-2.2.2