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The top of the Bluefish interface consists of a menu, a main tool bar, an HTML tool bar, and a Custom menu.

Main Menu

Bluefish Main Menu

Bluefish File Menu Bluefish Edit Menu Bluefish View Menu Bluefish Document Menu Bluefish Go Menu Bluefish Project Menu Bluefish Tools Menu Bluefish Tags Menu Bluefish Dialogs Menu Bluefish Help Menu

Main Tool Bar

The main tool bar gives you quick access to the basic functionalities of a text editor.

Bluefish Main Tool Bar

HTML Tool Bar

The HTML tool bar provides access to the most commonly used HTML functionalities.
Todo: add a small info for quick bar... (and a todo template)

Bluefish HTML Tool Bar

more on the HTML Tool Bar

Lines, Block folding and Bookmarks

Lines, block folding and bookmarks tools

Lines numbers and Block folding can be enabled/desabled using Edit → Preferences → Initial document settings menu options.
(see Preferences)

  • One click on a line number select the line text.
  • A double click on a line number set/unset a bookmark.
  • One click on a folder icon fold/unfold a block

see also: Bookmarks

Custom Tool Bar

The custom toll bar, or snippets tool bar, is a copy of the Side Panel snippets plugin, and is not editable.

Bluefish Custom Tool Bar

Hidden features