Keyboard shortcuts

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File handling

<ctrl>s = save
<ctrl>o = open
<ctrl>w = close document
<shift><ctrl>w = close all documents in current window


  • <ctrl><pageup> = document tab to the left
  • <ctrl><pageup> = document tab to the right
  • <ctrl><tab> = previous document tab
  • <ctrl><tab><tab> = before-previous document tab (etc.)
  • <ctrl>l = goto line
  • <ctrl>+ = zoom in (font size bigger)
  • <ctrl>- = zoom out (font size smaller)
  • <ctrl>f = search
  • <ctrl><shift>f = search for currently selected text (select some text and press this key-combo to search for it)
  • <ctrl>h = advanced search and replace


<shift><ctrl>b = select current block
<shift><ctrl>bb = select parent block (hold shift and control, press b two times)
<shift><ctrl>bbb = select parent of parent block (etc.)
<ctrl>z = undo
<shift><ctrl>z = redo
<ctrl>d = duplicate line
<ctrl>y = duplicate line
<ctrl><up> = move line up
<ctrl><down> = move line down
<ctrl>. = indent selection / indent current line
<ctrl>, = unindent selection / unindent current line
<shift><ctrl>c = toggle comment


<ctrl><space> = popup all possible values in current context 
<tab> in a popup = command-completion style
<arrow up> or <arrow down> = select an item
<enter> = insert the current selected item
<esc> = close the popup