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History of Bluefish[edit]

Bluefish development started under a different name. A good and free text editor targeted towards web development was not available. Olivier Sessink started the project ProSite. Chris Mazuc also started an HTML editor. On a GTK development mailing list, Olivier Sessink and Chris Mazuc saw each others postings, and decided to team up. Olivier had a basic editor, Chris had many HTML dialogs ready. After merging the code this was for a while known as the Thtml editor.

After a while Neil Millar joined the project to add weblint integration and a color dialog. Because the project became larger and more mature, a logo was wanted. After many discussions about boring logos, Neil Millar came up with a cute blue fish. Because this logo was appreciated by all, the name changed into the final name Bluefish.

After this initial stage, many developers, translators, testers and users joined the project.

Several years have passed since the first Bluefish release. Since that time, the fish has gained a reputation as an excellent editor, with qualities like stability, usability and numerous features. Also, Bluefish is small, fast and efficient, making it usable even on slow machines.

Year Version Major New features
2011 2.2.0 GTK3-support, Search & Replace, block selection and more
2011 2.2.1 Zen-Coding support (requires Python)
2012 2.2.2 many bugfixes and minor improvements
2012 2.2.3 lorem ipsum generator, HTML5 code creation dialogs, bugfixes
2013 2.2.4 improved split view and language syntax detection; new: paste special; new: pylint, cssmin, jsmin, csstidy and php_beautifier integration
2014 2.2.5 Improvements on projects, indenting and bookmarks;
2014 2.2.6 many improvements and bugfixes
2015 2.2.7 Added various HTML5 tags, better syntax support, improved autocompletion, charmap for OSX
2016 2.2.8 Various improvements and bugfixes, SASS style language has been added
2016 2.2.9 fix incompatability with GTK 3.2, some improvements
2017 2.2.10 wayland support, import/export syntax color styles
2020 2.2.11 python 3 compatibility, insert output from an external command in the current cursor position, CSS, Python and HTML updates, search within the filebrowser
2020 2.2.12 Supports Enchant2 for spell checking, bugfixes and some improvements
2023 2.2.13 Full CSS support, bugfixes