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Running Windows, I put the Spanish language and switch to Spanish, the application appears in English.
This issue has been fixed recently and is part of RC2 of 2.0.3.
Unfortunately there is not yet a Windows binary available, but it should be soon  :)
As workaround you can change regional settings of Windows or set the LANG environment variable.
To see how to add/change an environment variable check this document: http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;310519.
Remember to keep pressing OK when you're finished. (I believe it takes 3 dialogs in order to get there, so close all dialogs with the OK button).
Remember to reboot after that.
I can't press the button to see the page on the web.
You have to define your browser in Preferences > External Commands
Check your browser, customize the command line to your own personal use.
I noticed in mixed html/php pages if a php block is made with <? ?>, syntax highlighting fails to work.
In Preferences > Language support > PHP, check php_short_open_tag, <? ?> will be highlighted.

wiki syntax for this faq

Question∶ type a semicolon as first character of the line.
Response: type a colon as first character of the line.
in a question you can't use a colon, use ∶ U+2236 RATIO instead