Enabling Aspell Under MacOSX

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Enabling Aspell under Mac OS XCompiling

The following steps apply to:

  • MacOS 10.3 and higher
  • Fink 0.17.0 and higher
  • Fink rsync (recommanded) or Fink cvs
  • gcc 3.3

As of version 1.0.5 of bluefish, those steps are no more necessary. Just install aspell from fink and the desired dictionaries.

Steps to perform:

1. Installing aspell version 0.5.4:

Get aspell from http://aspell.sourceforge.net/ (avoid Safari, since it discards the gz part of the file)
Copy the source file into /sw/src:
sudo cp thedirectorywhereyoudownloadaspell/aspell- /sw/src/
Calculate the md5 sum:
md5 /sw/src/aspell-
Create a local directory if it does not exist:
sudo mkdir -p /sw/fink/10.3/local/main/finkinfo/
Copy the info file into local directory:
sudo cp /sw/fink/10.3/unstable/main/finkinfo/text/aspell.info /sw/fink/10.3/local/main/finkinfo/
Change the info file:
sudo pico /sw/fink/10.3/local/main/finkinfo/aspell.info
The following lines should be:
Revision: 11
Source-MD5: the sum you've computed previously
~CompileScript: (./configure %c; make)
Remove --disabled-shared from the ~ConfigureParams line
Add the following lines after ~InstallScript (use tab to indent the lines):
<verbatim> SplitOff: << Package: %N-shlibs Files: lib/libspell.dylib Shlibs: %p/lib/lib*spell.15.0.2.dylib 7.0.0 %n (>= DocFiles: COPYING* README << SplitOff2: << Package: %N-dev Depends: %N (>= %v-%r) BuildDependsOnly: True Files: include lib/libspell. DocFiles: COPYING* README << </verbatim>
Install aspell with:
fink install aspell
Install aspell-dev and aspell-shlibs with:
fink install aspell-dev aspell-shlibs
Install the dictionary you want with (here German one):
fink install aspell-de

2. Installing bluefish version 0.12:

Download the tarball from [1], section Development Snapshots.
Copy it to /sw/src:
sudo cp thedirectorywhereyoudownloadthetarball/nameofthetarball /sw/src/
Copy Fink's bluefish.info and Fink's bluefish.patch files to your local tree with:
sudo cp /sw/fink/10.1-gcc3.3/unstable/main/finkinfo/editors/bluefish.* /sw/fink/10.2/local/main/finkinfo/
Compute the MD5 checksum for the snapshot with:
md5 /sw/src/nameofthebluefishtarball
Edit the info file with:
sudo pico /sw/fink/10.3/local/main/finkinfo/bluefish.info
The following lines should be:
Version: 0.12
Revision: 12
Change aspell to aspell-dev in the BuildDepends line.
Change the patch file as follows:
<verbatim> diff -Naur bluefish-0.12-old/configure bluefish-0.12/configure --- bluefish-0.12-old/configure Mon Dec 1 18:55:36 2003 +++ bluefish-0.12/configure Mon Dec 1 18:58:53 2003 @@ -3738,7 +3738,7 @@ echo $ECHON \"(cached) $ECHOC\" >&6 else acchecklibsaveLIBS=$LIBS -LIBS=\"-laspell $LIBS\" +LIBS=\"-laspell -lstdc++ $LIBS\" cat >conftest.$acext <<ACEOF / confdefs.h. / _ACEOF @@ -3797,7 +3797,7 @@ echo \"$asme:$LINENO: result: $accvlibaspellnewaspell_config\" >&5 echo \"${ECHOT}$accvlibaspellnewaspell_config\" >&6 if test $accvlibaspellnewaspellconfig = yes; then - LIBS=\"$LIBS -laspell\" + LIBS=\"$LIBS -laspell -lstdc++\" cat >>confdefs.h <<\_ACEOF #define HAVE_LIBASPELL 1 _ACEOF </verbatim>
Remove bluefish if it already exists:
fink remove bluefish
Install bluefish with:
fink install bluefish