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This is a page where we can discuss the tools that we have and that we need.


  • a forum that is linked to the mailing list. Every posting on the list is posted to the forum, and every post on the forum to the list.
  • a poll on the website so we can ask users what they want
  • RSS feed with the news
  • integration with gnome bugzilla for feature requests? how can we do that?

File upload/download

  • a place to collect files such as 'made with' icons, language files, snippets files

Here are some Bluefish 2 syntax highlighting definitions for HAML & SASS (

Put them in /usr/share/bluefish/bflang/ or wherever your distro puts Bluefish lang files.

Also included is a Ubuntu mime type definition for .sass and .haml files. Put it in /usr/share/mime/packages/ then run sudo update-mime /usr/share/mime

Style & navigation

  • all sites (wiki, main site and forums) should use the same navigation on the left and the same colors
  • administration of all sites must be made by CORE developers, in a manner so no one can take his toys and leave.

We would not like to lose the wiki for example. - or better we host the sites on general servers (e.g. and multiple people have the admin account. Core developers have more things to do ;-)

Community Goals and Objectives

  • The purpose of the user community is not to give more work for developers. They already have enough to occupy them.
  • The purpose of the community is to enable users to help each other ... And help as much as possible the Bluefish's development team.
  • The purpose of the community is to offer a place for the users to share snippets and other stuff that can be easily added/imported, without the need for a developer to put to svn or to the main site. Let's say unofficial addons.

Notes and comments

  • we use only free tools (b.t.w. Joomla is free!)
  • it is possible to embed a free forum in mediawiki.
    • FudForum, reported by Anita, can be used with Mediawiki.
  • also if a bigger CMS is to be used, we can use Drupal.
  • Smaller cms, with a lot of addons, and that can be designed light and nice - textpattern.
  • a forum could be nice but for us probably lists are faster and nicer - that's why we need both and integrated

List of forums that can be embedded in Mediawiki and linked to the mailinglist

(see also: Mediawiki Discussion and forum extensions)

  • FudForum