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These are bugs/Requests (from ToDoList) that have been fixed/added.

If the fix isn't in the latest release, then it is probally in CVS. see [[DownloadingFromCVS]] for help on how to get it yourself and check it out.

Please don't report any of the following:

  • open from the web
  • project management
  • the file is modified on disk check is making work impossible on a network drive that is not sync'ed in time. Should be possible to disable the test, or do the test on other properties (file size, or md5sum)
  • a meta-encoding tag is incorrectly parsed by the right-click-edit-tag function
  • Cursor Position: If you switch to another document, then return to the original the document has scrolled so the cursor is in the middle of the screen, not always where it was left
  • Add anchor: href drop down box should be more than 1 element deep -- 3 or 4 is better
  • The Advanced Open dialog does not remember which path it opened last time. (by design, it opens the directory from the current file)
  • Loading a large amount of files are realllllly slowww...
  • After visiting preferences, syntax highlighting is reset, and must be refreshed (F5) to reappear
  • it should be possible to set the highlighting using the first lines, e.g. #=======r/bin/python
  • Unknown files get the first highlighting found in the config. Should be marked as plain text
  • Filetypes without a highlighting pattern is shown in the Document -> Type menu. Change to be mark these files as type \"text\" and hide the filetypes without highlight-patterns? this is by design, sometimes you want to use a filetype that doesn't have highlighting
  • Filebrowser - If the user changes between one or two panes in the filebrowser via the Preferences dialog, the change does not occur until the user toggles the View, View Left Panel menu off and on. 'Fixed in Pre0.12'
  • Spellchecking: first define french - fr (or any other language, but not the first one displayed in the window) as default language in the spellchecking window; then save preferences and checkspell any document; all words are misspelled since the language used by aspell in the first one in alphabetical order (for me German - de). It seems there is a problem between the default language, as stored in rcfilev2, the order of the languages displayed in the spellchecker (fr, de, ...) and the order of the languages in the program (de, ... fr, ...).'Fixed in Pre1.0_
  • Highlighting@preferences: Up/Down-arrows does not work.'Fixed in Pre1.0'