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Man2 warning.png This page is a copy from Manual 1. It needs to be modified to match Bluefish version 2.0.0!
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Man2 icon 48.png
HTML Tool Bar

see also: Man 2 ch09s02

Man2 html toolbar.png
icon HTML Ic. Bar
Man1 quick start.png Open a dialog box for creation of a new HTML document
Man1 body.png <body>selection?</body> dialog
Man1 bold.png insert <strong>selection?</strong>
Man1 italic.png insert <em>selection?</em>
Man1 paragraph.png insert <p>selection?</p>
Man1 brbreak.png insert <br />
Man1 breakall.png insert <br clear="all" />
Man1 nbsp.png insert  
Man1 anchor.png <a>selection?</a> dialog
Man1 hrule.png <hr /> dialog with default width="50" attribute
Man1 center.png insert <div style="text-align: center">selection?</div>
Man1 right.png insert <div style="text-align: right">selection?</div>
Man1 comment.png insert <!-- selection? -->
Man1 email.png <a href="mailto:">selection?</a> dialog
Man1 headings.png give acces to <h1>selection?</h1> to <h6>selection?</h6> insert buttons
Man1 image.png <img src="" alt="" /> dialog
Man1 thumbnail.png thumbnail dialog
Man1 multithumbs.png multithumbs dialog
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