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|'''Main Menu '''
|''' '''
see [[Quick Bar Customization]]

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Once you have verified this page (and corrected if necessary),

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Man2 icon 48.png
HTML Tool Bar

see also: Shortcuts for HTML Markup

Standard bar

Man2 html toolbar.png
icon name HTML Ic.
Man1 quick start.png Quickstart... Open a dialog box for creation of a new HTML document Shift+Alt+Q
Man1 body.png Body... <body>selection?</body> dialog Shift+Alt+B
Man1 bold.png strong insert <strong>selection?</strong> Ctrl+Alt+B
Man1 italic.png em insert <em>selection?</em> Ctrl+Alt+I
Man1 paragraph.png Paragraph insert <p>selection?</p> Ctrl+Alt+P
Man1 brbreak.png Break insert <br /> Ctrl+Alt+K
Man1 breakall.png Break and clear insert <br clear="all" />
Man1 nbsp.png Non-breaking space insert   Ctrl+Alt+N
Man1 anchor.png Anchor / Hyperlink <a>selection?</a> dialog Shift+Alt+A
Man1 hrule.png Rule <hr /> dialog with default width="50" attribute Ctrl+Alt+N
Man1 center.png Center insert <div style="text-align: center">selection?</div>
Man1 right.png Right justify insert <div style="text-align: right">selection?</div> Ctrl+Alt+R
Man1 comment.png Comment insert <!-- selection? --> Ctrl+Alt+C
Man1 email.png E-mail… <a href="mailto:">selection?</a> dialog Shift+Alt+E
Man1 headings.png Heading provides acces to <h1>selection?</h1> to
<h6>selection?</h6> insert buttons
Ctrl+Alt+1 to
Man1 image.png Insert image… <img src="" alt="" /> dialog Shift+Alt+I
Man1 thumbnail.png Insert thumbnail… thumbnail dialog Shift+Alt+N
Man1 multithumbs.png Multi thumbnail… multithumbs dialog


Man2 html fonts toolbar.png
icon HTML Ic. Main Menu


Man2 html tables toolbar.png
icon HTML Ic. Main Menu


Man2 html frames toolbar.png
icon HTML Ic. Main Menu


Man2 html forms toolbar.png
icon HTML Ic. Main Menu


Man2 html List toolbar.png
icon HTML Ic. Main Menu


Man2 html CSS toolbar.png
icon HTML Ic. Main Menu

Quick bar

Man2 html Quick toolbar.png

see Quick Bar Customization

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