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Table XI.3. HTML Tab Reference

Encoding Default character set newfile_default_encoding $HOME/.bluefish/rcfile_v2
Encoding Auto set <meta> encoding tag on change auto_set_encoding_meta $HOME/.bluefish/rcfile_v2
Backup Create backup on save backup_file $HOME/.bluefish/rcfile_v2
Backup Backup file suffix backupfile_string $HOME/.bluefish/rcfile_v2
Backup Action on backup failure backup_abort_action $HOME/.bluefish/rcfile_v2
Backup Remove backupfile on close backup_cleanuponclose $HOME/.bluefish/rcfile_v2
Misc Allow multi instances of a file allow_multi_instances $HOME/.bluefish/rcfile_v2
Misc Open files in already running bluefish window open_in_running_bluefish $HOME/.bluefish/rcfile_v2
Misc File modified on disk check modified_check_type $HOME/.bluefish/rcfile_v2
Misc Number of files in "Open recent" max_recent_files $HOME/.bluefish/rcfile_v2
File browser Default basedir default_basedir $HOME/.bluefish/rcfile_v2
File browser Use separate file and directory view fb_two_pane_view $HOME/.bluefish/rcfile_v2
File browser Unknown icon fb_unknown_icon $HOME/.bluefish/rcfile_v2
File browser Directory icon fb_dir_icon $HOME/.bluefish/rcfile_v2