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Part 3. Developing Bluefish
Chapter XI. Reference

Here you will find the list of the configuration files and configuration names which match the options in the Preferences panel.

Each preferences tab is given a different table, and options in a table are sorted in the same order as they appear in the tab, which may not be the same order as they appear in the corresponding configuration file.

1. Options in the Editor Tab

Table XI.1. Editor Tab Reference

Editor startup options Show empty quickbar warning show_quickbar_tip $HOME/.bluefish/rcfile_v2
Editor options Font editor_font_string $HOME/.bluefish/rcfile_v2
Editor options Tab width editor_tab_width $HOME/.bluefish/rcfile_v2
Editor options Smart cursor positioning at line start editor_smart_cursor $HOME/.bluefish/rcfile_v2
Editor options Use spaces to indent, not tabs editor_indent_wspaces $HOME/.bluefish/rcfile_v2
Editor options Word wrap default word_wrap $HOME/.bluefish/rcfile_v2
Editor options Line numbers by default view_line_numbers $HOME/.bluefish/rcfile_v2
Editor options Highlight syntax by default defaulthighlight $HOME/.bluefish/rcfile_v2
Editor options Enable hightlighting PCRE UTF-8 support highlight_utf8 $HOME/.bluefish/rcfile_v2
Editor options Highlight # lines highlight_num_lines_count $HOME/.bluefish/rcfile_v2
Undo Undo history size num_undo_levels $HOME/.bluefish/rcfile_v2
Undo Clear undo history on save clear_undo_on_save $HOME/.bluefish/rcfile_v2
Bookmark options Make permanent by default bookmarks_default_store $HOME/.bluefish/rcfile_v2
Bookmark options Bookmarks filename display bookmarks_filename_mode $HOME/.bluefish/rcfile_v2
2. Filling a bug report
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