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Chapter XII. Development guidelines
7. Patches

PLEASE SEE Sending Patches !

7. Patches

Before starting to code:

  1. Update your SVN tree, or alternatively download the latest snapshot
  2. Copy this original tree, so you can make a patch against this tree

Before creating the patch:

  1. Run make distclean && ./configure && make and test if it runs successfully
  2. If you have the possibility do this both with gcc-2.95 and gcc-3.x as compiler

Now create the patch. Assuming that you have two directories, original-tree and my-tree:

  1. Run make distclean in both trees
  2. cd to the parent directory of both trees
  3. Run diff -Naur original-tree my-tree | bzip2 -9c > patchbla.diff.bz2

6. File reference
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 8. Translations