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This is the first page I've updated. I've set it from 'd' to 'u'. Should I move/rename the page like the other person has done?

Also, does someone else verify the page? Or am I supposed to do that? If I am supposed to verify it, what does it mean?

Welcome Anita!

Feel free to rename all pages, from Man 2 chXXsXX to page title, eg: Man 2 ch01s02 to Latest Stable Version.

I think that the verified tag has to be set from a reader, not from the editor... --Fal7i 16:31, 28 March 2010 (UTC)


And while I have your attention, did you find my question by having RSS feed on the Recent changes, or is there some other way to see when something gets changed?



you can also use watch button on any page.