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1. About this Manual

Bluefish has a large feature set, allowing the user to customize the editing experience in numerous ways. This manual targets both novice and advanced users, providing a full resource for everyone.

Part 1, “Getting and Installing Bluefish” and Part 2, “Using Bluefish” are highly recommended for anyone new to Bluefish. They present general information, installation instructions, an introduction to the main features of Bluefish, and available shortcuts.

Part 3, “Developing Bluefish” is oriented towards developers and testers. It explains how to debug Bluefish, contains the list of features, includes code formatting styles and a reference for all source files.

The manual targets the end user. To that end, we have tried to use a simple, well-explained approach whenever possible. Some typographic conventions are denoted below:

  • Any URLs are denoted like this:
  • Shortcuts look like this: Ctrl+S
  • Menu options are displayed like this: File. However, many of Bluefish's menus are quite complex. When referring to submenus, options are separated by an arrow, like: File → Open (Ctrl+O). The default keyboard shortcut is shown in parenthesis.
  • When referring to user input, like issuing commands to the command prompt, a monotype font is used:
    $ foo -bar | bang -l

Do not write the $ character - it simply identifies the command prompt. For commands requiring root access, the prompt is shown as a '''#'''.

Finally, if you find errors or omissions in this manual, fill in a documentation bug report.