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Part 2. Using Bluefish
Chapter VII. More than a Text Editor

1. Indenting

To indent large sections of text, simply highlight the section and choose Edit → Shift Right (Ctrl+.). To remove an indentation, choose Edit → Shift Left (Ctrl+,). There are corresponding buttons in the tool bar for these menu options (see later in this text).

By default, Bluefish will use tabs for indenting, but can be configured to use spaces if you have Use spaces to indent, not tabs selected in the Editor preferences panel. The number of spaces used is the same as the Tab width option in the same preferences panel.

Here's an extract of Dante's work indented with the Shift Right button in the main tool bar:

Indenting Part of a Text

Bluefish 2

Tab key indents selection

If set in Preferences, the tab key will indent a selection and shift-tab will unindent.

Auto identing

Smart indenting

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 2. Auto tag closing