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Part 2. Using Bluefish
Chapter IV. The user interface

Here are the main elements of the user interface.

1. Editing Area

Notebook tab bar

The biggest part of the user interface is the editor area. Because Bluefish has a so-called “Multiple Document Interface”, there are actually many editor areas in Bluefish, accessible via the tabs. By default the tabs are on the bottom. see Preferences User interface

Bluefish Editor Array

Notice that the current document's tab may be raised by the Gtk theme, and if the document has been modified, its name on the tab is coloured by default in blue. The changes are also noted with blue on the open document list, accessible by right-clicking on the tab. Error documents are colored in red, empty documents in light gray.
You can navigate between documents by clicking on the left and right arrow of the tab bar. You can also reorder the documents using drag n drop.

List of open Documents

Drag and drop

  • You can drag n drop a selection in document.
  • You can import a document in Bluefish using drag n drop. (Actually 2.0.0 this does not function on Windows.)
    • select some text in Firefox, drag n drop the selection in your document.
    • drag n drop a document, you imports it's URI.
  • drag n drop a document in Tab Bar, you open it in Bluefish. (For remote files you need to have a fully functionnal installation of gvfs)

other features

Document highlighting see Man 2 ch08s12 and Man 2 ch05s11
Block folding
Line numbers
whitespace Highlighting
Spell checker
Hidden features


2. Command line options
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 2. Menus and Tool Bars