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Different systems have different approaches to solutions and packaging. You might find the information below interesting.


Cygwin is currently at version 3.4.3-1. It provides functionality similar to a Linux system on a Windows PC. Please visit the project web page for more details on installation and downloading the package.

Please be aware that there are binary packages of Bluefish available for Windows. There is therefore no need to install and run Cygwin, if you use the Windows version of Bluefish.
  • To run Bluefish using Cygwin, you need to start the cygrunsrv Service. First log in to a Cygwin-Shell and run /usr/bin/cygserver-config. Answer Yes to install cygserver as service. Then open a Windows shell with the START button of your Windows box and choose Run. Type cmd.exe or command.exe, hit enter and type net start cygserver. To automatically start the service with Windows, set Starttype for cygrunsrv to Automatic (see Start > Control Panel > Computer Administration > Services and Applications > Services : CYGWIN cygserver : Properties). To stop the service, type net stop cygserver.
  • To allow Bluefish to use the Cygserver facilities (to use the XSI IPC function calls like msgget successfully) you need to export the CYGWIN environment variable. Add the following line to your ~/.bash_profile:
    $ export CYGWIN=server
  • To run Bluefish, first start the X server with startx, then launch bluefish with /usr/bin/bluefish.exe (if you have configured bluefish with ./configure --prefix=/usr).


  • For installation on Debian, it may be necessary to compile the package from source. Bluefish provides a script named with its source code (the latest source code is downloadable by SVN via svn checkout bluefish-code, the last stable version's sourcecode is available from here)


  • Fink is comparable to Cygwin, only for MacOS. It provides OpenSource Software access on MacOS. Please check out its website.
Be aware that there are binary packages of Bluefish available for MacOS from the project's website.