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Using templates

With File → New From Template you can create a new page choosing a template.

If you want all new files to be created with a specific template, you can change the settings through File → Preferences → Initial document settings

Setting up templates

Bluefish versions prior to 2.2.6

Older Bluefish versions have the available templates configured in the preferences panel.

Bluefish versions 2.2.6 and higher

From Bluefish 2.2.6 on templates are no longer configured in the preferences, but are loaded from disk. You can have system-wide installed templates or user specific templates. Any file available in that directory will be scanned at bluefish startup, and will become available in the templates menu.

Directories for templates on Linux

System-wide: /usr/share/bluefish/templates

User specific: ~/.bluefish/templates/

Directories for templates on Windows

System-wide: DIRECTORY_TO_BLUEFISH/share/bluefish/templates/

User specific: ~/.bluefish/templates/

Predefined templates

Bluefish is installed with 5 predefined templates:

C header

C header GPL