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Chapter XI. Reference
4. Options in the User interface Tab

4. Options in the User interface Tab

Table XI.4. User interface Tab Reference

Dimensions Restore last used dimensions restore_dimensions $HOME/.bluefish/rcfile_v2
Dimensions Initial sidebar width left_panel_width $HOME/.bluefish/rcfile_v2
Dimensions Initial window height main_window_height $HOME/.bluefish/session
Dimensions Initial window width main_window_width $HOME/.bluefish/session
General Make HTML dialogs transient transient_htdialogs $HOME/.bluefish/rcfile_v2
General External browsers in submenu ext_browsers_in_submenu $HOME/.bluefish/rcfile_v2
General External commands in submenu ext_commands_in_submenu $HOME/.bluefish/rcfile_v2
General External outputbox in submenu ext_outputbox_in_submenu $HOME/.bluefish/rcfile_v2
General Notebook tab font tab_font_string allow_the_use_of_font $HOME/.bluefish/rcfile_v2
General Document notebook tab position document_tabposition $HOME/.bluefish/rcfile_v2
General Sidebar notebook tab position leftpanel_tabposition $HOME/.bluefish/rcfile_v2
General Sidebar location left_panel_left $HOME/.bluefish/rcfile_v2
3. Options in the Files Tab
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 5. Options in the Images Tab