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Content-Transfer-Encoding: binary

Small bits that should be coded by someone

Filebrowser Refresh problem

On a refresh in the file browser, should check if a file maybe changed into a directory and update accordingly. Make a file, refresh browser, remove file, make directory with same name, refresh browser.

desktop integration

After moving the the application and MIME type icons into the hicolor theme, we should install scalable vector graphics instead of raster images for inlineimages/bluefishicon1.png and data/gnome-application-bluefish.png. It's then only a small problem to convert them into raster images of different sizes as supported by the hicolor theme. KDE: Changing the configure script a bit would also allow to install icons into the default KDE theme (which should be crystalsvg). There are some bluefish graphics available, so there is no need to start from the beginning. Ask for the archive at bluefish-dev mailing list .

The following standards are relevant (see also the GNOME and KDE documentation pages): (icon theme specification - default theme icons and hicolor theme) (the .desktop format specification) (the shared mime info specification)

replace gstrdown and gstrup

these functions are deprecated, and we probably want to use g_utf8_strdown

outputbox / external programs / filters

Code in menu.c and outputbox.c

The format string should have new options:

  •  %s local full path (function should abort for remote files)
  •  %c local directory of file (function should abort for remote files)
  •  %f filename without path
  •  %u URL
  •  %i temporary filename, before execute bluefish should create this locally
  •  %o temporary local filename for output of filters

thumbnails on gnome_vfs

Code in image.c

there is a lot of redundant code in the normal thumbnail dialog and the multi-thumbnail dialog

Project basedir

Code in project.c

the project basedir should be an URL, local directories should have file://

Document tab reordering

prev / next should be called up / down if the document tab is on the left or right side (or a different solution)

Old code removal

there are probably many functions that are not used anymore, these should be commented out

win32 porting

it is not sure how much code is unix specific, probably only little bits (e.g. outputbox.c, and some code that loads configuration from the homedir).

auto closing

the auto tag closing will not preserve the case of the opening tag

bits to remember/think about

  • <map> dialog (with picture preview)
  • image dialog should maybe resize the picture when changing the height/width attribute
  • implementation of downloadable fonts
  • implementation of Dublin Core meta tags
  • implementation of online validation