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Chapter VII. More than a Text Editor
Snippets syntax

The snippets are stored in ~/.bluefish/snippets. It is an XML file, like import and export snippets files.

  • The import file must have a valid XML syntax.
  • The document must include the header: <?xml version="1.0"?>.
  • The document must be included in the container: <snippets> <snippets>
  • Any snippet must be contained in a branch: <branch title="example"> </branch>
  • The branches may contain other branches.
  • Each snippet is described in a container: <leaf> </leaf>

Syntax examples

There are two types of snippets: insert and snr, aka Search N Replace.

Insert snippets

    1. <?xml version="1.0"?>
    2. <snippets>
    3. <branch title="Facebook">
    4. <leaf type="insert" title="bold"><before>&lt;b&gt;</before><after>&lt;/b&gt;</after></leaf>
    5. <leaf type="insert" title="italic" tooltip="insert an italic tag"><before>&lt;i&gt;</before><after>&lt;/i&gt;</after></leaf>
    6. <leaf type="insert" title="Hyperlink"><before>&lt;a href="%0"&gt;</before><after>&lt;/a&gt;</after><param name="url"/></leaf>
    7. <leaf type="insert" title="em-dash"><before>&amp;mdash;</before><after></after></leaf>
    8. </branch>
    9. </snippets>
First and important, 
if you want to insert any XML reserved characters ie: < > & you have to escape them (red highlighted in example).
  • A leaf tag must have type and title attributes,
  • it also may have a tooltip attribute (line 5 of example).
  • Before tag is used for text to insert before, and after tag for text inserted after.
  • You have to add one or more param tags (with name attibute) if you want tu use parameters (line 6 of example).

Search and replace snippets

7.Snippets plugin
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