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How to report information[edit]

Please create a bug report on:

Or subscribe to the bluefish community mailinglist.

If this is all too complicated you can send an email to

What to send[edit]

In general: It is always a good idea to tell us your version of Bluefish and your version of GTK/Glib installed on your system, both can be found in the About menu. Please copy/paste the information in Help->Build info

Also don't forget to mention the platform (Linux, OSX, Windows, FreeBSD, etc.) and it's version (and for Linux the distribution). If you have the possibility to test it on multiple computers with different platforms or versions this will really help to track down the problem. If you can reproduce a crash on some specific file, please send us the file too. The smaller the file, the easier for us to debug the issue.


Linux has a wealth of tools to track down problems in software. Please have a look at for a detailed description on what is possible.


If Bluefish crashes on OSX there should be a report generated in a separate window. Please copy/paste this information (the backtrace) for thread 0 (on the top of the report) into a text file, and send it to the bluefish developers. Preferably create a bug report on and attach it as a text file.

On OSX you can run Bluefish via terminal, that provides some debug output that might help to identify issue. Open terminal and type: /Applications/ (assuming that Bluefish is installed in the Applications folder). Please copy/paste the terminal output to a text file and attach it as well.


If you get a dialog "bluefish.exe has stopped working" you can click "view problems" which gives some rudimentary information. Since it is better than nothing, please provide it.

In order to provide more information on Windows you can use the msys debugger, a good tutorial can be found here: