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Part 2. Using Bluefish

Since revision 6165 (Bluefish 2.0.3) there are many changes in the preferences dialog, editor settings and HTML.

for preview versions see Preferences (before 2.0.3)

Initial documents settings

Non Project defaults

See also Projects.

Mime type

A file not being part of a project will be of this specified Mime type by default.


Any newly created document which is not part of a project will start as such a template. See also Templates.


Enable auto-completion

Enable block folding

Display block stack in status bar

Highlight block delimiters

Highlight current line

Show line numbers

Show right margin indicator

Smart auto indenting

Wrap lines

Enable syntax scanning

Show visible spacing

Enable spell check

Tab stops

Tab width

Insert spaces instead of tabs

Editor settings

Smart auto intending

Smart Home/End cursor positioning

Tab key intends selection

Automatically insert closing brackets

Right margin/split line end position

Wrap line on right margin indicator

Visible white space mode



Default character set for new files

Auto set <meta> HTML tag on encoding change


Strip trailing spaces on save

Open command line files in running bluefish process

Open command line files in new window

Check if file is modified on disk

File properties to check for modifications

Show warning for files with very long lines

User interface


Document tab positions

Maximum file name length shown in tab

Sidebar position

Sidebar tab position


Hide toolbars on full-screen

User interface language

Recent Files

Recent files shows

Number of files in 'Open recent' menu



Thumbnail file type

Thumbnail suffix

External commands

See article on External Programs and Filters.

External filters

See article on External Programs and Filters.

Output parsers

See article on External Programs and Filters.

Plug ins

About Dialogue

Character Map

Convert Entities

HTML Features

Info Browser

Code Snippets

Language support

Here are language specific settings.