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Appendix C. Guidelines for Writing this Manual

create an account

Man2 note.png Your are a bluefish user? You can help to write the Bluefish 2 Manual!
  • first step: create an account,
  • second step: feel free to edit te manual,
  • third step: thanks for your help! :)

Using Bluefish 2 to edit Bluefish 2 Manual

See: Bluefish mediawiki editor. Mediawiki snippets have snippets for Bluefish Manual: note, tip, important, warning, clear, framed image.


Top and bottom menus

Bluefish Wiki Manual use 2 templates for navigation: Man2top and Man2bottom.
They do not usually need to be edited.

Template:Man2top Template:Man2bottom

Man2top and Man2bottom templates do not usually need to be edited. Exceptions:

Man2 note.png When you read a page, and make any necessary corrections so that this page conforms to Bluefish version 2.0.0,
thank you for changing the status, from d (draft) to u (update).

ie: |st=d by |st=u.

Man2 tip.png After a Bluefish version update, you have to modify the rev parameter.

Tips and Notes Templates

Bluefish Wiki Manual use templates for:

note: tip: important: warning:
Man2 note.png this is a note.
Man2 tip.png this is a tip.
Man2 important.png this is important!
Man2 warning.png this is a warning!


{{note|text=mytext here, use <br /> to break lines.}}
Man2 note.png mytext here, use <br />
to break lines.
{{warning|text=mytext here, use <br /> to break lines.}}
Man2 warning.png mytext here, use <br />
to break lines.
Man2 tip.png use Bluefish mediawiki snippets to edit this manual...
the task will be easier!

Clear Template

You can write {{clear}} as a shortcut of <br style="clear:both" />
The next element will be moved below all floating boxes of earlier elements.

Top Template

You can write {{top}} to create a link to the top of the page: Top.png

Toc Template

You can write {{toc}} to create a floating right ToC


see mediawiki manual: Images Syntax
note: to add in snippets and bflang2

In the manual images are framed with a title:

One image

For one large image, with text on top and/or bottom:

[[File:Man2_snippet_insert_dialog.png|none|frame|snippet insert dialog]]

For a small image floating left with text on the right:

[[File:Man2 create snippet4.png|left|frame|lorem ipsum]]
lorem ipsum

More images

In this case we use a table:

|valign="bottom" align="center"|[[File:Man2 create snippet.png|none|frame|lorem ipsum]]
|valign="bottom" align="center"|[[File:Man2 create snippet2.png|none|frame|lorem ipsum]]
|valign="bottom" align="center"|[[File:Man2 create snippet3.png|none|frame|lorem ipsum]]


Appendix B. Bluefish change history
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