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2. Naming
Chapter XII. Development guidelines

2. Naming

For non-local functions, the name should preferably include a prefix that shows the part of bluefish it is used for. There are, furthermore, many often used abbreviations in the bluefish code, such as:

Abbreviations used in the Bluefish code


A function for handling a specific document


A function for handling a specific Bluefish window


Callback, a function called after a button click or some other event


Local callback, a function called after an event, only used in this .c file

Here are such function names that show where they are from, what they handle, and/or what they do

Examples of function names in Bluefish


Bookmark code, sets bookmarks for a document


Spell check code, this is a callback function (for a button)


Project code, opens a new project from a given file name

Chapter XII. Development guidelines
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 3. Declaring procedures