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Really hidden features[edit]

  • <ctrl><space> will start autocompletion even on an empty string. It provides you with a list of available variables and functions
  • if there is an autocompletion popup, <tab> will do autocompletion similar to command-line-completion
  • move your mouse over (highlighted) syntax to get reference information if available (currently PHP functions are the best examples)
  • right click on a document tab to see a listing of all opened documents
  • <ctrl>mousewheel will change up/down the font size (a zoom like effect)

GTK hidden features[edit]

Unicode input: type the four numbers of the hex code and finish with Enter. (This really only works in a GTK environment)

Often overlooked features[edit]

  • F9 will hide/show the side panel
  • F11 will make bluefish go fullscreen (nice on your netbook)

Features which could not (yet) be confirmed with version 2[edit]

  • double-click in the margin to add a bookmark
  • you can change shortcut-key combinations, simply move your mouse over a menu item and press a key combination to set it