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note: these are the problems in the 0.9 release, many of them have been fixed since then. If you add anything to this page, please test the latest CVS version first========

HIG-\"rules\" mostly noted with HIG.[edit]

For inspiration on human interface guidelines: the Gnome Human Interface Guide is located here: 1 . You should probably use the Working draft - some updates are done.

Bugzilla for the HIG can also contain some updated information or discussions not yet entered in the HIG. General problems:

- Almost none of the textfields have mnemonics
  (i.e. like this:
- Alert windows are not HIG-perty. (i.e.: You're trying to quit without saving) FIXED
 (HIG standard:
- Alert windows do not bother with escape. FIXED

Menu bar:

- Alt+D conflicts with Dialogs and Document. FIXED
- All menus + submenus should have mnemonics HIG?. FIXED
- The File -> Open recent should have mnemonics HIG?, at least for the first   10 files. 1,2,...,9,0 perhaps? Not neccessary

Main textwidget:

- Shift+F10 should be the same as the popup-menu (right clicking). HIG?
  In Bluefish, there's two different menus that appear, one for each method.


- Shift+F10 is not honoured.

Shortcut keys, general notes:

- \"Do not use Alt-key combinations for shortcut keys, as these may conflict  with window manager or menu access keys.\"  HIG?
  (Ctrl-key combinations is preferred for this use) in progress.
- \"Do not use any of the standard shortcut keys listed in the section called Standard Application Shortcut Key? for your own purposes,
  even if your application doesn't support those functions. This helps  reinforce consistency between all GNOME applications.\" HIG? in progress

Mnemonic (shortcut) differences: FIXED

     New file, Close, Find, Find again, Replace, Replace again, Redo

Mnemonic (shortcut) conflicts, by shortcut: in progress

Key |

 Bluefish |

Ctrl+I |

 Thumbnail |
   Invert selection (of text)

Alt+F4 |

 H4 |
   Reserved window manager (Close window)

Alt+F5 |

 H5 |
   Reserved window manager (Restore the  focused to it's previous size)

Alt+F6 |

 H6 |

F8 |

 New file |
   Standard GNOME keyboard navigation keys  for widgets (Give focus to splitter bar in paned window)

F6 |

 Find |
   Standard GNOME keyboard navigation keys  for widgets (Give focus to next pane in a Gtk Paned? window)

Shift+F6 |

 Find again |
   Standard GNOME keyboard navigation keys for  widgets (Give focus to previous pane in a Gtk Paned? window)

F1/F2 |

 Change tabs |
   F1help,F2rename. (FIXME: Is this bluefish  standard, or is it only I that remember wrong?)

DIALOGS: in progress

Dialogs -> General -> Quickstart:
- the Style-textview needs ctrl+enter. FIXED
- Enter is not recognized in the (Title || Doctype)-textboxes. (why not?  curious) FIXED
- Style does not have a mnemonic. (Alt+S?) FIXED
Dialogs -> General -> Body:
- None of the textfields, in any of the tabs, accepts Enter. FIXED
- Style does not have a mnemonic. (Alt+S?) FIXED
Dialogs -> General -> Anchor:
Dialogs -> General -> Email:
Dialogs -> General -> Rule:
- None of the textfields accepts Enter. FIXED
Dialogs -> General -> Font:
- Alt+C: Conflicts with Cancel and Color.
- Enter not accepted. FIXED
Dialogs -> General -> Basefont:
- Same as Dialogs -> General -> Font
Dialogs -> General -> Quicklist:
- Enter not accepted. FIXED
- Ordered/unordered needs mnemonics for faster access.
Dialogs -> General -> Meta:
Dialogs -> General -> Embed:
- Enter not accepted. FIXED
Dialogs -> General -> Select color:
- Not applicable here :-)
Dialogs -> General -> Insert time
- None. :-D
Dialogs -> General -> Insert image
- Alt+O conflicts with Open image? and Ok?
- Enter not accepted. FIXED
- Ok shouldn't be accepted before image is loaded (?)
  OR pressing ok without loading an image, could result in:
  <img src\"\" width\"0\" height\"0\" border\"0\" hspace\"0\" vspace\"0\">
  (now it doesn't insert anything)
Dialogs -> General -> Insert thumbnail
- Enter is accepted for the slider and checkboxes, nothing else. FIXED
- Alt+O conflicts with Open and Ok.
Dialogs -> Table -> Table wizard
- Spinners: Should have other default values than 0. Mousing DOWN on them makes  0-->1, and UP gives 0-->2.
- Enter. FIXED
Dialogs -> Table -> Table
- Color and Ok conflicts
- Style needs mnemonic.
- Enter not recognized. FIXED
Dialogs -> Table -> Table row
Dialogs -> Table -> Table head
Dialogs -> Table -> Table data
- Enter only recognized in checkboxed. FIXED
- Style needs mnemonic. FIXED
Dialogs -> CSS -> Create style
- Add, update and delete needs mnemonics.
- Needs to recognize enter FIXED
Dialogs -> CSS -> Span
Dialogs -> CSS -> Div
- Needs to recognize enter FIXED
Dialogs -> CSS -> Style
- Not really a dialog. Remove \"...\" ?
Dialogs -> CSS -> Link to stylesheet
- Open and Ok conflicts.
- Enter needs recognition FIXED
Dialogs -> Frame -> Frame wizard
- When the number of forms is changed, the form-number-spinner is moved.
  To add 3 forms, I need to click, movemouse, click, movemouse,  click, movemouse. Notgood..
- Enter needs recognition. FIXED
- Alt+O conflicts with Ok and multiple Open buttons (multiple open-buttons with  same mnemonics is ok, imho, but, hmm.)
Dialogs -> Frame -> Frameset
- Enter FIXED
Dialogs -> Frame -> Frame
- Open and Ok conflicts
Dialogs -> Form -> For all form-dialogs
- Enter is not recognized. FIXED
- What does the button with a document with a red X do? No tooltip, no nothing. FIXED
Dialogs -> Table -> Table -> Style (i.e.)
- Add, Update, Delete needs mnemonics

Edit menu:

Edit -> {Search, Replace}
- Ok / Cancel buttons in opposite order of other dialogs.

Options menu:

Options -> Preferences
- Ok / Cancel buttons in opposite order of other dialogs.

Feature requests in the HIG-spirit:[edit]

  • \"Keep session\", i.e. (on/off-switch in prefs?) make it possible to close Bluefish, with several files open, and automagically open these on the next run.

Menu change[edit]

the idea from Olivier:

We create some new toplevel menu's:


Now we get rid of /Options, and move them like this:

/Document/Line numbers
/Window/Show main toolbar
/Window/Show HTML...

is that an idea?

the idea from Andy:



Now remove /Options and move like this:


/View/\"Show/Hide\"/Show main toolbar
/View/\"Show/Hide\"/Show HTML...
/View/\"Show/Hide\"/Show file browser

/View/<docspecific>/Line numbers

/Windows/<open file windows list>

The open file windows list should be at the bootom of the menu below a horizonal bar and the current doc marked with a dot. Multiple windows editing the same file should be denoted with an index in parentheses e.g.

The <docspecific> submenu should have a name related to the window reference: filename(index) and also be accessible via, say, the right-click menu on the appropriate document.

Is that an idea? :-)