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* add another default external command: gnome-terminal --working-directory='%c'
* add another default external command: gnome-terminal --working-directory='%c'
''' '''24-10-2005''' add a \"show backups\" check-box to the file dialogs, to allow hiding of \"'''~\" filenames. Backups hidden by default?
* '''24-10-2005''' add a \"show backups\" check-box to the file dialogs, to allow hiding of \"'''~\" filenames. Backups hidden by default?
* '''29-12-2008''' add XML validation for example through libxml2.so, as used by xmllint.

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Items that might appear in an upcoming version of Bluefish. Keep your eye on theProject Road Map to know when you'll be able to try these out.

Fixed items:

  • Option to show or not to show dot files and directories in the file explorer - we have a new filebrowser
  • Check for subdirectories in filebrowser --- at present the triangle indicator (for subdir structure) only appears when the directory is selected. It should be possible to perform this checking on a second pass without loss of efficiency. Or only check for subdirs on directories which are visible in the filebrowser pane? Should interface with CVS dir hiding as above. - we have a new filebrowser
  • Sorting tabs, reordering tabs
 It would be nice if tabs can be re-ordered by the user, and also for example
 automatic on alphabet. - reordering works in CVS
  • add a feature to insert spaces instead of tabs on tab-key-press - done in CVS
  • Add a restore defaults option for syntax highlighting in the preferences window. This would be useful when/if a user unintentionally mangles highlighting for a filetype. The restore default button should only restore the default for the currently viewed pattern or filetype. When experimenting with alternative highlighting patterns, it is easy to forget the original pattern. - done
  • When closing the window if a project is open, save it (like through Save and close) - done

Open feature requests

  • Plug Ins: Several ideas under discussion. While this is probably a post 1.0 feature, Matt would like to start a discussion on thePlug In Architecture.
  • Custom Toolbar: Ability to create file extension/language specific custom toolbars that only appear when editing that particular file type
  • Highlight and Pass Code: Ability to highlight a section of code and pass it for evaluation to an external program (as an alternative to an entire file)
  • Parent Matching: Ability to identify and highlight nested brace/bracket/paren pair matches
  • Customizeable toolbars ?
  • Code 'snippets' ? - possible with custom menu
  • Character selection dialog: A possible alternative to really large biiiig menus?
  • Navigation: CTRL+up/down: Step one line up/down, leaving the cursor at its current position. Alternative suggestion is that this behaviour be reserved for Ctrl-Shift-up/down and that Ctrl-up/down jumps to nearest para break in that direction, since this is a closer analogy to the Ctrl-left/right behaviour of jumping to word breaks.
  • Hiding of code blocks: Ability to hide blocks of code, based on nesting level, or braces.
  • Printing support: But, how?
  • Printing with line numbers and file headings, including wrapped text
  • 28-11-2003 Support printing with syntax highlighting
  • 18-7-2003 Quickbar toggle (Neccessary?)
  • 18-7-2003 Make the Text View highlight the current line
  • 18-7-2003 Vertical line, highlighting a (defineable) column boundary
  • 18-7-2003 Word wrap at predefined column boundary
  • 20-2-2005 Split view
  • 18-7-2003 Color selector for syntax highlighting
  • 04-8-2003 Close all button on toolbar
  • 05-12-2003 have a predefined search and replace that will replace tabs into spaces or spaces into tabs for people that want to convert a tab indented file to space indented or reverse
  • 23-12-2003 there's no way to add an input type=file to the form section
  • 12-01-2004 make a configurable project savedir, where all projects are loaded/stored, e.g. ~/.bluefish/projects/
  • 11-12-2004 when bluefish starts, it would be convenient at times to set an option, allowing bluefish to start with the last project at work, so you dont have to manually click on \"open last\" project.
  • 09-08-2004 Built-in support for Subversion and CVS. Should include commit, checkout, and (for Subversion) add, delete, diff. Also integration with projects would add a lot of usability.
  • Auto-completion: Based on function-reference
  • 19-01-2003 Autocompletion, here is the list:
 the way it works is when you start typing a php variable ($...)
 it detects that $ and then brings up a list of the current variables in
 that page. Then as you type more and more, it narrows it down accordingly by the
 letters you type it. It should do function names as well.
 Also it'd be nice if it could read the included files and grab variable
 names from those files as well, but I could be getting ahead of myself.
 another feature is that for HTML tags, it should know what options go to
 each tag, and what standard values each option can have. so for example, if you
 type an <a > it will drop down with href, target and the rest

  • 28-01-2004 lastly, when retrieving the file, Bluefish should use the \"source-link\" property to get the source code for the cgi, template, etc. and not the rendered HTML. Zope has a work around for that: it serves the source files from another port, but this breaks the \"view in browser\" functionality later because it passes to the browser the link to theWeb D AV port and not to the normal Web port.
  • 31-01-2004 Alternative \"forward paste\" behaviour which leaves the cursor at the same position after pasting as before (i.e. at the start of the pasted segment rather than the end as for normal paste). Useful for adding similar content to the starts of consecutive lines... suggested binding to Ctrl-Shift-v.
  • 31-01-2004 Delete whitespace function --- removes extraneous whitespace surrounding cursor. Cf. emacs' \"M-x fixup-whitespace\" function. Bind to Ctrl-d?
  • 31-01-2004 View image files as images do you mean opening an image from the filebrowser? It should bring up the insert image dialog Yes --- it would also be nice if the actual image could be viewed in BF (or via a forked viewer command). Perhaps a right-click menu item.
  • 31-01-2004 Add default filters to hide CVS directories in file browser and to perform HTML-tags-to-lowercase/uppercase replacements.
  • 4/2/04 Have a default DTD set in the preferences. If it is an XHTML one, make all tags lowercase and xhtml style (
    ) -- overwrites the existing options. Maybe do away with these options anyway, or at least make it so people are encouraged to use XHTML DTDs. Also have a per-project DTD setting
  • 9-3-2004 enable browser preview for untitled files, using a temporary file
  • 13-4-2004 add ignore all button to spellcheck GUI, this button could just add the word to the session dictionary..
  • 09-09-2004 Regular Expression Evaluator/Debugger - good for daily use, as well as tinkering with syntax highlighting patterns.
  • 16-12-2004 Function Reference: adding ability to click on url in a description.
  • 5-1-2005 show matching parentheses, (like nedit has)
  • 19-1-2005 Enhance the temporary files options to set a temp directory to use instead of same directory as the file like VIM offers. I would like to have all my temporary files to be places in /home/username/tmp instead all around my projects.
  • 04-02-2005 Add capability of highlighting several lines of text, click on a list button (unordered, ordered), then bluefish wrap the whole selection with proper ul, ol tags and each line with proper li tags.
  • 04-02-2005 Add capability of highlighting several lines of text, click on the variable list button, then bluefish wrap the whole selection with proper dl, and each first line with dt; each second line with dd tags.
  • 15-02-2005 When I click on \"editor window\" (the biggest one :) ) and press F9 focus on this windows lost and I must again click on this window
  • 6-3-2005 the external commands, outputbox and external filters need filenames, this should be changed such that you can choose between a temporary filename, uri, local path, local dir and perhaps more?
  • 7-3-2005 Un-feature: I find the \"Save Preferences\" and \"Save keybindings\" (I translate from italian) in the Edit Menu unintuitive, since all HIG'ed GNOME apps just save the configuration chosen when closing the config dialog. Maybe provide an option to get back to defaults instead?
  • 9-3-2005 how can I hide close button from tabs? I always push it by chance, and my docs close always :/
  • 16-4-2005 it should be possible to have localized defaults for the encodings file (encodings.fr, encodings.de etc.)
  • 18-4-2005 Do not store in open recent menu a reference to a file which has not been opened. To test with this procedure::
  Highlight in an open file a word that does not match any file in the current directory.
In this case, a new document is created with the word as label.
After dismissing the error dialog, the document is destroyed, but the open recent menu contains a reference to the word file.
  • 03-05-2005 Highlight search matches. When doing a search, have a toggle to \"highlight matches\" that just highlights all the matches of the search.
  • 04-05-2005 add an option in the preferences to disable the splash screen
  • 09-06-2005 make ^Tab (ctrl-tab) jump to the previous active document
  • add another default external command: gnome-terminal --working-directory='%c'
  • 24-10-2005 add a \"show backups\" check-box to the file dialogs, to allow hiding of \"~\" filenames. Backups hidden by default?
  • 29-12-2008 add XML validation for example through libxml2.so, as used by xmllint.